Real Estate Assessed Valuation Appeal (Commercial)

This filing allows a user to file an Appeal on the following type of property:


The Cook County Assessor’s Office requires filers to submit Real Property Income and Expense (RPIE) information as part of every appeal on income-producing property as defined in the Official Rules of the Cook County Assessor, which are available here. Appeals on such properties are deemed incomplete and are not evaluated unless the Assessor’s Office timely receives the required RPIE information. The deadline for submitting RPIE information is the appeal filing deadline for your property’s township.

In most cases, RPIE information should be submitted separately from this filing using the RPIE Online Form available at The RPIE information submitted through the RPIE Online Form will be associated with this part of your appeal filing. However, the RPIE Online Form will not accept information with respect to certain special property types. If the RPIE Online Form advises you that it cannot accept a filing on your property, you must fill out the paper version of the RPIE form available here and upload the completed form through this portal so that it is associated with this part of your appeal filing.

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